Training your young horse - Tips from one of Australia's top dressage riders!

We recently had the opportunity to sit down and talk to one of Australia’s top dressage riders @lizziewilsonfellows. Lizzie is a well known rider who has produced many top dressage horses from weanlings through to Grand Prix.

Lizzie gave us exclusive insight into the 5 rules she implements to achieve happy and healthy young performance horses.

  1. The more time you spend on handling youngsters the easier they are to start under saddle. Invest the time from the start.
  2. Horses need to learn patience as few are born with it. Spending time being tied up is a super important lesson for them to learn as a youngster. Find a ‘wall of patience’.
  3. Horses only know what we teach them. It’s so important to education them correctly. No short cuts, horses need time and patience.
  4. If a horse is objecting to what they are being taught then there is often a reason why. Eliminate reasons such as pain and discomfort. Very few horses are deliberately naughty.
  5. Remember, horses have limitations. They have the concentration span similar to a toddler. Keep the lesson fun and interesting. There is no place for a temper on a horse. They do not forgive easily, trust needs to be treated preciously.

Lizzie’s social pages show the very real side of producing dressage horses. Her posts are educational, and at times hilarious! If you want to learn more about training your horse, you might find Lizzie’s social pages a helpful resource.