Essential Horse Grooming

Essential horse grooming involves several key steps to keep your horse healthy and comfortable.  

  1. Brushing: Regular brushing removes dirt, sweat, and loose hair from your horse's coat. Use a body brush or curry comb to loosen dirt and debris, followed by a dandy brush to remove it.

  2. Mane and Tail Care: Use a mane comb or brush to detangle and remove debris from your horse's mane and tail. Consider applying a detangler to make this process easier and prevent breakage.

  3. Hoof Care: Using a hoof pick; pick out your horse's hooves daily to remove dirt, rocks, and debris. 

  4. Bathing: Bathing your horse periodically helps keep their coat clean and healthy. Use a horse-specific shampoo and warm water, and rinse thoroughly to avoid skin irritation.

  5. Clipping: Depending on your horse's breed and activities, you may need to clip their coat to maintain cleanliness and prevent overheating during exercise.

  6. Grooming Tools: We understand the significance of having top-quality grooming tools for your horse. Our GeeGee collective grooming kits will ensure you have good quality essential grooming tools on hand, including a Copper Therapy Brush, Scruff Brush, Dusty Brush, Dazzle Brush, Hoof Pick & Mane & Tail brush to make the grooming process efficient and comfortable for your horse.

  7. Health Checks: Use grooming sessions as an opportunity to perform health checks on your horse. Look for any signs of injury, skin conditions, or abnormalities, and address them promptly.   

Here at Ippico we recommend our local Hunter Pulse PEMF clinic for equine performance enhancement & health maintenance!

    By incorporating these essential grooming practices into your horse care routine, you'll help keep your horse clean, comfortable, and healthy.