Vello Purple Fleece Bandages


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Who doesn't love a crisp set of new bandages?

At Ippico we have spent a considerable amount of time reviewing and trialling fleece bandages to ensure the best quality, design and functionality.

Our bandages are made quality 280gram fleece and measuring 12cm x 3.2m to ensure a good fit.

Just to different our bandages are uniquely packed in a heavy duty canvas bag that will keep your bandages free from static and dirt which is normally the case with the PVC bags provided by the 'big brands'.Great for also carrying other horsey bits and pieces in - (maybe even a pair of our patent boots - wink wink!!)

We just love that everything is washable.

Bandages are available in white, black, navy, red, purple and pink available.

Why not buy a couple of colours to match our popular Di Agnello Saddle Cloths.

Happy Riding!


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