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The 'Migilori' is a premium quality dressage saddle pad which is made from 100% Australian merino sheepskin.

Durable red quilting with navy and white satin twirled cord.

Available in 11 different colour options.

RRP $139.00

Available in FULL and COB sizes.

FULL Size (Larger Horses) suits saddles 17inch to 17.5inch saddles

COB Size (Smaller Horses ) suits saddles 16.5inch to 17inch saddles

Here are the features of the "Migliori":

* Quality cotton quilted fabric in a  range of colours.
* Two satin spun cords and binding in a range of colours.
* Extra room between the back fleece rolls so your the rear panels of your saddle sits nicely inside the  fleece - not on top like other brands on the market.
* 100% merino sheepskin lined saddle cloth gives a real touch of luxury and comfort for your horse.
* The sheepskin is integrated as a full numnah, therefore you no longer have to worry about your sheepskin being properly fitted to your saddle - it's all-in-one.
* The sheepskin pile acts as an ideal insulator - it cools down and warms up slower than other materials.
* The sheepskin aids a proper saddle fit.
* Sheepskin acts as a good moisture wick and can absorb up to 25% of its weight in moisture.


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