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The 'Migliori' is a premium quality dressage saddle cloth which is made from 100% Australian merino sheepskin.

Durable Turquoise cotton drill quilting with satin twirled navy and white cord.

Colour may vary slightly from the photo depending on lighting. 

Available in 11 different colour options.

RRP $139.00

Available in FULL and COB sizes.

FULL Size (Larger Horses) suits saddles 17inch to 17.5inch saddles

COB Size (Smaller Horses ) suits saddles 16.5inch to 17inch saddles

Here are the features of the "Migliori":

* Quality cotton quilted fabric in a  range of colours.
* Two satin spun cords and binding in a range of colours.
* Extra room between the back fleece rolls so your the rear panels of your saddle sits nicely inside the  fleece - not on top like other brands on the market.
* 100% merino sheepskin lined saddle cloth gives a real touch of luxury and comfort for your horse.
* The sheepskin is integrated as a full numnah, therefore you no longer have to worry about your sheepskin being properly fitted to your saddle - it's all-in-one.
* The sheepskin pile acts as an ideal insulator - it cools down and warms up slower than other materials.
* The sheepskin aids a proper saddle fit.
* Sheepskin acts as a good moisture wick and can absorb up to 25% of its weight in moisture.


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