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Our Lucci half pad numnah features 100% Australian wool and highly durable quilting. The are available in a variety of fleece colours including; white, black, grey, navy and brown. These are quality half pads that can be used with dressage, jumping or all purpose saddles. The contoured design aids in improving your saddle fit, as well as acting as an excellent shock absorber. With a spineless design that allow for air to follow freely along your horses spine.

Wool fibre act as an excellent moisture wick, and it conducts heats slower than any other fibre, therefore reducing resisting rapid temperature changes.

Please note that the darker coloured fleeces have been carefully dyed by our manufacturer. While they are colour fast, contact with sweat may cause a small out of colour to seep initially. Please take caution with lighter coloured horses.


While it's always exciting to get new things its very important that you ensure that you purchase the correct size. 

Medium - 56cm which is measured along the top from front to back.

~ Measures 44cm between the fleece rolls (front to back)

~ Measures 30cm between the back fleece rolls

~ Fits 17 to 17.5 inch


Small- 52cm which is measured along the top from front to back.

~ Measures 40cm between the fleece rolls (front to back).

~ Measures 28cm between the back fleece rolls.

~ 16 to 16.5 inch saddles

Care Instructions:

Because wool is a natural fibre you must ensure that it airs completely after use. Horses sweat is destructive, and will eventually destroy the lining if appropriate care isn't taken. You may occasionally wash your numnah in the washing machine, however please use a washing bag to ensure that it doesn't catch during washing - this is particularly the case for top loader washing machines. Please also use wool wash as washing powders contain enzymes which may affect the appearance of the sheepskin overtime. Maintaining good care of this product will increase its longevity.