HAAS Platinum Brush Set ~ 6 piece set

Size Guide

$110.00 AUD

The 'Platinum' brush set for those serious about presentation and coat care. 

Perfect for every tack box they offer high quality, german made horse hair brushes. 

The 'Platinum' pack includes; 

1 x Koft-Burste Face Brush ~ perfect for brushing fine dust from around the face and ears.

1 x Hoof Pick (colours will vary) ~ strong durable pick with nylon bristle brush for a thorough clean.

1 x Curry Comb Brush (colours will vary) 

1 x Diamond Gloss Brush ~ dense bristles effective for removing coat dust and dry skin.

1 x Exclusive Diva (Mattes sheepskin centre) ~ Beautifully crafted 'finishing brush' with a Mattes sheepskin centre to collect dust from the coat and add high shin. 

1 x Fellglanzburtse Brush - Short dense bristle to drag out dead hair and flatten coat. Great for quarter markers. 

Great value for brushes worth over $130