Dolce Sheepskin Girth Set ~ Black/White Fleece

Size Guide

$159.00 AUD


Please note, we will only have 25 in each size arriving - therefore to avoid disappointment we recommend you get your order in early. 

Made from 100% Australian sheepskin fleece, and high quality quilting they won't disappoint. Extra covers are available for purchase. 

Due to the 2cm plush sheepskin pile you may wish to consider going up a size.  

All girth covers are detachable and can be washed in cold water with wool wash. They should also be allowed to dry fully after washing or after use. If your sheepskin is keep in damp conditions, or is not dried after use it will begin to deteriorate. Sheepskin is a natural fiber, therefore it is not indestructible. Care should be taken, and sheepskin covers should not be dried in the sun. For best results reattached to your girth with damp and allow it to dry in the sun. 

If your going to wash your cover in the washing machine we recommend you use one of our washing bags to ensure that the fleece does not get damaged, particularly around the agitator of a top loader washing machine which will rip the sheepskin. Exchanges or replacements will not be provided where care has not been taken during washing. 

Available in girth sizes: 55cm, 60cm, 65cm 70cm and 75cm.

** Please note that our girth sets are listed per the measurement from buckle to buckle not the overall length measurement. (e.g. a 55 cm girth is measured from buckle to buckle, but ts overall measurement from end to end it actually measures 65 cm). 

For light coloured horses, please do a small patch test where possible to ensure there is no initial colour transfer. 

Happy riding!