Bell Boots

Bell Boots to Protect Your Horse from Overreach

Ippico stock a wide variety of horse bell boots to protect your horse from serious injury due to overreaching. Our bell boots provide the horse’s foot with comprehensive protection – from the hoof wall to the heel, and completely covering the coronary band. When properly fitted and correctly used, they prevent your horse from hurting itself when it is walking on slippery surfaces, jumping or working in mud.

Bell boots on horses should always be worn when horseshoe studs are being used, as a misstep can lead to serious damage if those studs on the back feet strike those tender heel bulbs on the front foot. Otherwise, pay close attention to your horse’s footwork during more difficult manoeuvres – such as when lunging or trucking – to see if she tends to step on her own feet. If your horse returns from rides with scrapes, bruising or dirt marks on its heels and pasterns, then bell boots are probably in order.

How to Choose the Right Bell Boots for Horses

It’s important that bell boots for horses fit properly. Otherwise, they could end up hurting the horse rather than protecting it. When the horse is standing level, the bottom back rim should barely brush the ground. If you can slide one finger between the pastern and inner rim of the boot, then it isn’t too tight or too loose.


Bell boots come in many styles and sizes, and they can be made from a range of materials. At Ippico, we specialise in fashionable sheepskin bell boots that make you and your horse the envy of your friends and fellow riders.


While our products are made of high quality materials they are not indestructible! Proper care and attention will ensure that you and your horse get to enjoy them as long as possible.


Our brushing boot and bell boot range should be hand washed to ensure their longevity we recommend that you brush them off and give the fabric surface a wipe with soapy water and a soft  damp cloth when needed. Continual hosing of fabric brushing boots will compromise decrease the life of this product. Please note that we can't provide refunds for brushing boots that have scuff marks, purely because that's what they are designed to do. We select the most durable products available, however they aren't indestructible.  

HINT: A bra bag or pillow case liner (that has a zip) is a great way of ensuring your boots and bell boots avoid unnecessary scrapes in the washing machine.


Our bandages can be washed in the washing machine.  To avoid annoying tangles in your bandages (and the ten minutes it will take to untangle them) we recommend that you fold them in half and tie a loop knot in the centre. This will prevent from getting tangle. Don't forget to attach the Velcro to the opposite side (much like you would before rolling them up after use).

At Team Ippico we do love our bandages being white!!! Bright white!! You can use a small amount of bleach in your wash cycle, however nothing beats a good soak in nappy-san and hot water. We always have a two pairs on hand - one for lessons or clinics, and another pair for the warm up before competing.


Our beautiful saddle cloths, girth covers and numnah's are so fabulous that they nearly seem to good to use (don't we all have that saddle cloth that we want to keep in a bag and only get out for special occasions :-).

Our Argento, Saltare and Migilori (with sheepskin) can be washed in the washing machine. However our sheepskin saddle pads, girth covers and numnahs should be washed with care and therefore we recommend using the washing bag that was provided for saddle pads and numnah's at the time of purchase. Brush the sheepskin with a brush when dry to remove the excess dirt before use. Please note that washing after ever use will effect the enzymes of the wool, therefore prolonged life cannot be guaranteed. It is advisable that you wash your sheepskin saddle cloth in a front loading washing machine as the agitator of the top loading machine is far too harsh. Cool cycle with our Bense & Elike Velveton wool wash is recommended. 

Our Lucci numnah's are made from Australian merino and therefore should be washed in the washing bag provided at purchase. Again, excessive washing should be avoided as it will help prolong the life of this product. We recommend our Bense & Elike Velveton wool wash. 

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Happy Riding!

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