Dolce Sheepskin Girth Cover - White Fleece | Black Quilting

Size Guide

$79.00 AUD


Please note, we will only have 25 in each size arriving - therefore to avoid disappointment we recommend you get your order in early. 

Extra sheepskin girth covers are always a great idea. One to wash, and one to wear. 

The biggest advantage is being able to change up the colour to suit your style. 

Currently available in black, white and grey fleece (navy quilting). We will be adding more every couple of months. 

Made from 100% sheepskin. 

Velcro backing to hold it in place when installed on the girth. 

Please note our covers only fit our girths, and may fit some popular girths on the market. We will reintroduce our standard universal covers shortly. 

For light coloured horses, please do a small patch test where possible to ensure there is no initial colour transfer. 

Care Instructions: 

Ensure you wash your covers with care. We recommend a good wool wash to ensure that the enzymes remain in the fleece. Do not use hot water, or normal washing powders as they will dry it out. 

Caution must be taken when placing them in the machine. Top loading washing machines are a big 'no-no' except where you are using a washing back. Tangling around the centre agitator will cause damage. Front loading machines are preferrable. 

Ensure that you put your cover back on your girth when drying. This will ensure it maintains its shape and refits easily. Please dry out of the sun. 

If your accidently dry your cover without installing it back onto the girth to dry in it's nomral shape, just wet it again in cold water. Give it a gentle squeeze to remove excess water and reattach to the girth. 

Happy riding!

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