HAAS Exclusive Wool Gloss Finishing Brush

Size Guide

$40.00 AUD

The HAAS Executive is the premium brush in the range. It's the last step in completely a beautifully groomed coat. The high quality soft Mattes wool centre is unparralleled to any other brush on the market. It attracts all the fine surface dust and removes it from the coat giving a beautifully glossy high shine finish.
The outer edges have horse hair bristle to remove a loose hair or dandruff particles from the coat.
The Diva's size gives good coverage, it has an electric blue polished resin finish making it extra strong and durable.
1. Great for sensitive hard to reach places. 
2. Leaves a glossy finish every time.
3. Lambs wool centre which is perfect for sensitive skinned horses. 
4. Can be used everyday. 

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